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Out Swing French



C-Sky's out swing french doors are engineered to last longer with less maintenance in any climate - hot or cold, wet or dry. The doors have enduring strength and reliability with Low-E insulating glass lowers energy costs and helps homes stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. The tempered glass breaks into small and dull pieces rather than razor sharp shards that can cause serious injury when it breaks.




- Built to be durable with less maintenance in any climate - hot or cold, wet or dry

- Insulated Low-E glass helps maintain comfortable temperatures in your home year round

- High-performance ball-bearing hinges provide smooth, easy and quiet operation

- Weather stripping included to help seal out drafts

- Door frame (jamb) is made with AuraLast wood that is guaranteed not to rot and is primed and ready to paint

- French-style swinging patio door opens towards outside of the home on either left or right sides and also allows both doors to open with retracting security pins

- Screen included

- Reinforced lock area provides strength and security for door hardware