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Bi Folding

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C-Sky's vinyl bifolding doors provide more flexibility and convenience so you can enjoy outdoor living at its finest. It gives you a different approach to removing the lines between indoors and out. When open, these moving glass walls fold up to beautifully frame your view. When closed, they create a stately wall of light.

Designed to appeal to the needs of a broader market, the vinyl system performs well in all environments, matches popular vinyl window packages and is the ideal solution for home renovations and new construction.



- Available in one to six panel configurations in sizes up to 55' wide by 10' high

- Wide range of glazing options for improved thermal performance

- Concealed multi-point locking system for ease of operation and security

- A single swinging active access panel door allows for convenient everyday use

- Integrated multi-point hardware system at folding panels for smooth and effortless operation

- Top hung panels glide along a sill track

- Energy efficient, high quality vinyl that withstands outside elements

- No finishing required and low maintenance

- Screen included


Bi Folding